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Oct 31

Atauro Island Tourism

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Eco tourism is one of the most significant areas for Atauro Island to develop.
Travel to Timor Leste is now possible for Australian citizens In fact  Indigo/Atauro friendship committee members are planning a trips. The dry season which is July, August and September  are the best months to visit Atauro as a tourist.

For more information you can visit the Island’s official website or contact one of the committee members. Most committee members have traveled to Timor Leste/Atauro on more than one occasion.

The internet and You Tube can be a good source of information.
Travelers have made You Tube film clips for example:
 - Small Island Big Heart - Adam Constanza ,2018
 - Free Diving Atauro island – The Way Overland ,2017
 - Explore Atauro Island – Caroline Peterson ,2012

Professional Film makers have made films about the people of Atauro:
 - Timor Leste Mermaids – Adara, 2018 (8mins)
 - Priests of Atauro,Claudio - Savaget,2021,90mins)
 Both films can be accessed through You Tube and are good viewing.

Oct 31

School Support

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The Friends of Atauro  and more recently Indigo Atauro friendship  Inc. have been generous in supplying school materials ,readers ,sporting goods to the schools  of Atauro. The IAFC supported two secondary teachers on exchange to Beechworth and Rutherglen High Schools and there has been some interaction between Indigo school students and those on Atauro. Recently the Youth Ambassadors from Indigo’s primary schools have been strong supporters of the development of school gardens on Atauro. See current projects for details.

Pedro & Antonio on exchange in Indigo  

Indigo visitors talk to senior students about the scholarship program

Marcelo and Atauro senior students model donated Rutherglen High school sports uniforms

Oct 31

Primary School Professional Development

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Primary School Professional Development using whole school model (teachers.students and parents.)

Compact Teacher Training Project Report – Lesley Milne
In 2011, the Indigo Atauro Friendship Committee committed to supporting education on Atauro in a sustainable way. At this time, very few teachers on Atauro had any formal training in education and relied on their own experience of schooling to guide them in their teaching. Current educational research suggests that the single most important factor that influences children’s learning is quality of teaching. The IAFC made contact with a group of Timorese teacher trainers who had experience in delivering a model of in-service training for primary school teachers in Timor, initially funded by the Norwegian Refugee Council, and had delivered the Compact Teacher Training Programme to staff in over thirty primary schools in Ermera and Manatuto districts. The team work in the Learning Resource Centre in Dili and have now delivered the CTT program to many other schools in Timor, receiving enthusiastic endorsement form the teachers, their principals and the Head of Education on Atauro.

Identify the needs of teachers on Atauro through a process of consultation with the teachers and Suco Chefes

  • Expand the capacity of primary teachers and enhance the learning experiences of primary aged children in every primary school on Atauro
  • Offer the provision of the Compact Teacher Training Programme which involves an intensive five week programme facilitated by two Timorese trainers in Tetun in every primary school.
  • Provide focussed, competency based training covering the domains of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Language and Professionalism
  • Collaborate with a local partner organisation to provide qualified Timorese education facilitators, all of whom have a degree in Education and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from Victoria University
  • Undertake detailed evaluations of each program and provide follow-up needs analysis to determine future training needs
  • Continue to work with the National Teacher Training Institute and the Ministry of Education

The program has been delivered to all ten primary schools. The cost for training between 12 and 20 teachers was initially about $4,000. This covered the salaries and travel expenses of two trainers; one male and one female, all teaching and learning materials, lunch and afternoon tea for participants, a driver and cook, and all administration costs. The actual cost has risen enormously since 2011 and the strong US dollar has made the conversion very expensive. The final schools cost over $7200, which has been a challenge to meet. Our grateful thanks go to all of our generous supporters, donors and sponsors.

Feedback from evaluations from teachers, principals and the Head of Education on Atauro has been overwhelmingly positive and every school has requested more training of this kind. 73 teachers have now participated in this training program, which represents a significant contribution to building teacher capacity on Atauro.

Teachers participating in program

Students participating in program

Certificate from PD program

Compact Teacher training team

Oct 30

Developing and supporting kindergartens

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The first initiative of Roman Luan on Atauro was to establish kindergartens. The junior councillors of Indigo Shire chose to support this initiative and showed their willingness to consider the welfare of people outside the home area. This support continued for a number of years until the central Timor Leste government took control of most of the kindergartens.

Frances from Indigo visiting one of the original kindergartens in 2011

Rob from Indigo delivering toys donated from the Corowa community to Makadade kindergarten 2015

Oct 30

Providing equipment & training staff for Atauro’s medical centre

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From 2011 onwards some of our supported scholarship students trained as health professionals. These students have returned to the island to work in various Health clinics around Atauro both in voluntary and paid positions.

Over a significant period of time the cyclists of Beechworth and Rutherglen have donated considerable funds to the Friendship group. These  funds have been used to purchase both general equipment for medical clinics on Atauro and specialised equipment used by midwifes.

In 2020 Indigo/Atauro with the assistance of Rotary was able to transport a large number of Mobility aids to the clinics of Atauro. These aids were donated by organisations in Corowa and Rutherglen,

Makili health clinic

Recipient of walker

Midwife in Makili

Graduated nurses and public health workers in Roman Luan office

Marcelo and newly arrived mobility aids

Director of clinic receiving equipment from Marcelo

Oct 31

Tua Ko’in Eco Lodge

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Roman Luan constructed and operated an eco lodge accommodation for a number of years on a beachside site near Vila. The IAFC actively supported their efforts to establish a profitable business which provided employment and training in the hospitality industry and a much needed cash flow to support Roman Luan’s other projects. The eco-lodge manager was one of Atauro’s first visitors/exchanges to Indigo Shire.

Pasta making workshop

Lunch at Tua Ko'in Eco Lodge

Duarte (Lodge manager) on exchange in Indigo

Eco Lodge accommodation

Oct 30

Malnutrition Reduction Program

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 In the early 2000s IAFC supported HIAM Health in its efforts to reduce malnutrition on the island especially in the infant population. Initiatives included monitoring infants, educating families and community health staff and provision of emergency food supplies.

Dr Wendy Connor (from Indigo) examining an Atauro infant.

Irene Cracknell (from Indigo) amongst food supplies for Atauro

An Atauro family at the HIAM Health education centre in Dili

HIAM Health Vegetable garden used to feed and educate Atauro families