Atauro Island Tourism


Oct 31

Eco tourism is one of the most significant areas for Atauro Island to develop.
Travel to Timor Leste is now possible for Australian citizens In fact  Indigo/Atauro friendship committee members are planning a trips. The dry season which is July, August and September  are the best months to visit Atauro as a tourist.

For more information you can visit the Island’s official website or contact one of the committee members. Most committee members have traveled to Timor Leste/Atauro on more than one occasion.

The internet and You Tube can be a good source of information.
Travelers have made You Tube film clips for example:
 - Small Island Big Heart - Adam Constanza ,2018
 - Free Diving Atauro island – The Way Overland ,2017
 - Explore Atauro Island – Caroline Peterson ,2012

Professional Film makers have made films about the people of Atauro:
 - Timor Leste Mermaids – Adara, 2018 (8mins)
 - Priests of Atauro,Claudio - Savaget,2021,90mins)
 Both films can be accessed through You Tube and are good viewing.

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