Indigo-Atauro Friendship Committee


  1. To collaborate with the people of Atauro Island to;
  •  Identify and prioritise the needs of the communities on the island
  • Support the leaders of the communities in developing skills in governance and economic management of the Timorese National Program of Community Empowerment (PROGRAMA NASIONAL DEZENVOLVIMENTU SUKU)
  • Develop collaboratively with community leaders long term and short term goals for the areas of health, education and economic development that will advance the self-sufficiency of Atauro’s communities.
  • Strengthen the communities of Atauro Island with initiatives consistent with principles of environmental, social and cultural sustainability.
  1. To liaise with the communities of Indigo Shire to build awareness and understanding of the culture, values and development needs of our friends on Atauro.
  1. To support Indigo communities in raising funds for the projects and initiatives identified by the people of Atauro.
  1. To provide accurate, timely information to the Indigo Shire Council about matters related to Atauro Island with recommendations for Shire support of identified projects.

L-R : Libby Hosking, Mark Verbaken,  Irene Cracknell,  Rob Porter,  Lesley Milne,  Peter Croucher,  Frances Walsh
Absent Shire Representatives: Jess Johnston, Jenny O’Connor

Committee member emails:
President - Mark Verbaken
Secretary - Libby Hosking
Committee - Rob Porter